Jezebel Pride – The Scrawlings of a Satanic Sweetheart

Welcome to my first blog post! A few years ago, someone told me I was just too nice to be a Satanist.

They seemed shocked that someone who identifies with the Adversary would work in a healing profession, teach empowerment workshops and provide a safe place for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. I didn’t fit into their stereotypical picture of what a Satanist should look like or how they should behave.

Many people hear the word “Satanist” and immediately the picture of a black clad figure pops into their mind. People picture death metal t-shirts, gothic costumes and long flowing robes made of black satin and covered with the blood of sacrificed virgins.

Seriously, have you ever tried to get virgin blood out of a satin robe???

With I will do my best to dispel the myths and misconceptions of what it is to be a Satanist.  You will be able to mull over my musings, read my rantings and join me in chewing the fat while we discuss what it means to be a Sober, Satanic Woman.  

So buckle up Buttercup! You are about to take a written road trip through the Inferno with your favorite Satanic Sweetheart, your Adversarial Auntie, your BFF with a Devilish Boo who sits high in Low Places. 

It’s going to be one Hell of a ride…

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